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Stylish Vessel (Counter-Top) Sinks for your House


Adorable furniture makes adorable homes. And the same goes for fixtures, right? Go for the correct fixtures and your space can be completely transformed. One such amazing fixture is vessel sink (Counter-Top), which you might definitely have spotted in magazines and catalogues. Probably you have mixed feelings on seeing one, probably you like them or …

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Brick Flooring : Advantages and Disadvantages

quite pocket friendly brick flooring

Bricks have been in use since the Harappan Civilization, rather even before that! Bricks are one of the most common building materials in the world today – both in exterior as well as interior elements. We generally associate brickwork to walls. What if we suggest you to go for brick floor installation for your house? …

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Landscape Lighting : Highlight Your Garden Area

Inground Lighting Fixtures in Garden Area

These days our gardens demand much more than what we have to offer them. They are not merely about pavers and plant beds – decks, signature seating and beautiful lighting. Landscape lighting is an integral part and parcel of our backyards and gardens. They serve not only to illuminate the garden walkways for better security …

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