How much does it cost to build a Compound Wall?

Compound wall provides aesthetic appearance, privacy and security to your property. It prevents movements of unwanted objects in your property. It separates your property from neighbor’s property and gives a perfect demarcation to your property.

Masonary Compound Wall

Types of compound walls

There are different types of compound walls on the basis of appearance and construction material used.

  • Masonry Compound Wall
  • Ornamental Compound Wall
  • Cladding Compound Wall
  • Precast Compound Wall
  • Security Compound Wall

1.Masonry compound wall

Masonary compound walls are typically constructed using Red clay bricks / Fly ash bricks, steel and cement mortar. Construction of compound wall start from 2 ft. below ground level so that the wall will get proper anchorage.

For Individual House Construction, the height of the masonry compound wall is usually between 5-6 feet and the thickness is usually 150mm.

After excavation a PCC of 100 mm thick and 600 mm wide is laid to create an even surface on which the compound wall can be laid.

A rubble masonry of 450 mm width and upto 2 feet height is done below the brick wall to distribute the load of the structure built above.

Masonary Compound Wall Front side Design


Above rubble masonry, a RCC Coping of 4″ thick is made for a levelled surface and to transfer the loads of the compound wall to the substructure below.

Above RCC coping, masonry compound wall is constructed using 6”Red clay bricks or 4” Red clay bricks / flyash bricks.  Intermittent brick coloums of 300mm X 230mm  are constructed at a distance of 7 ft to 10 ft center to center and at the corners of the plot.

Masonary Compound Wall Section near brick coloumns

Masonary Compound Wall Section between Coloumns

After curing of this masonry wall, cement plaster is applied on both the sides of compound wall and paint is applied.

The cost of a typical masonry compound wall which are typically used in residential buildings averages to Rs. 1200/Rft including a 8 Feet wide MS Gate on the front size. The cost may vary +/-10 % depending on the availability of local materials like bricks, rubble etc.,

Bonus Tip: To increase the aesthetic appeal of the  you can make grooves in the plaster.


  1. Ornamental Compound wall

Ornamental Compound walls are a combination of masonry wall and MS grills/ SS grills. In this type of compound wall upto 3-5ft masonry wall is constructed with cement plaster and paint over it.

Above this masonry wall MS grills or SS grills are fixed as per decoration and security requirement.

Ornamental Compound Wall

Cost of these Ornamental Compound Walls vary heavily depending on the design of the grill and type of grill you choose above. The cost of an Ornamental compound wall is usually greater than a simple masonry compound wall.

On an average considering the masonry construction is upto 3 feet and a 2.5 feet grill is installed over it, ornamental compound wall cost averages to Rs. 1400 per Running Feet including 8 Feet wide MS Gate.


  1. Cladding compound wall

Cladding Compound wall are in which a cladding material (such as vitreous tiles, marbles, shera panels etc.,) are fixed over typical masonry wall giving a aesthetic appeal to it. These compound walls are usually done for High end bungalows.

Stone Cladded Compound Wall

The cost of a cladded compound wall will be equal to the cost of masonary compound wall plus the cost of supply and installation of the cladding materials that is fixed on it. Since the cost of cladding material varies hugely, the exact costing can only be determined once the type of cladding material is finalized.

Suppose if you are installing a stone cladding that costs Rs. 120 per sqft. The cost of a 7 feet height compound wall starts from Rs. 2500 per Rft (considering stone cladding on outside portion only).


  1. Precast Compound wall

Now days Precast compound wall is used in various places as they are very easy to install and it can be completed in very small time. But the strength and stability of the compound wall is a question.


Most of the manufacturers who claim to construct precast compound walls don’t provide proper foundation to the structure and the walls. This makes precast compound walls

Precast Boundary wall


Since the precast compound walls are factory made and are transported to site, the overall cost is comparatively less as compared to masonry compound wall.  The cost varies widely depending on the design and customisation required.

The cost of a precast compound wall typically starts from Rs. 60 per sqft (i.e., approximately Rs 400 per Rft). This cost is usually charged by the precast manufacturer and doesn’t include the cost of foundation, painting, gate, any other finishings etc., So when you choose to calculate the cost of precast compound wall make sure you include all these in your overall costing.

If precast members area not handled properly during transportation and installation, it is very difficult to produce satisfactorily connections between the precast members.


  1. Security Compound walls

These type of compound wall are generally constructed at military base, government offices, police camps where security is main concern.


These type of compound wall have masonry wall with height more than 7 ft so that people cant climb easily on it. Usually a MS barbed wire fence or concertina coil is provided over these masonry wall. Alternatively in high security areas, the fencing is electrified to avoid any  infiltrators.


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