Difference between distemper & emulation paints?


what is difference between distemper & emulation paints?


Distemper :

Distemper is the most economical type with a general life of 3 – 5 years.The major constituents of distemper are chalk, lime, water and colour pigment . Commonly known as cement paint /whitewash .Distemper is a water based paint. Distempers are used for both interior and exterior walls. The usually need two to three coatings.

Emulsion :

Emulsion paint are costilier to distemper with a general life of 5-8 years.

The constituents of emulsion paint are.
a.pigment(s) – prime pigments to impart colour and opacity .
b.binder – a polymer, often referred to as resin, forming a matrix to hold the pigment in place.
c.extender – larger pigment particles added to improve adhesion, strengthen the film and save binder.
d.solvent (thinner) – either an organic solvent or water is used to reduce the viscosity of the paint for better application.
e.additives – used to modify the properties of the liquid paint or dry film.

Emulsion are used for interior walls. They usually need one to two coatings.


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