how to calculate construction cost


my plinth area is 750 sq.ft and and slab area is 800 sq.ft due to projected balcony, which area is consider for calculation? as you mentioned the construction cost 1250 per sq.ft. Is it includes the expenditure of footings,plinth beam , and filling. means expenditure up to plinth level is also included in 1250. I have gone through your website. its useful for common people as well as experts also. Thanks and regards


Slab area is usually considered as builtup area. So 800 sqft would be considered for cost calculation. Yes, the cost mentioned on the website (i.e., Rs. 1250/- per sqft) includes expenditure for architectural drawing, Structural & MEP design, Footings, plinth beam, and filling inside plinth upto 1.5 feet height from road level.

The things not included in the cost are external compound wall, peripheral development (outside plinth area) and Underground Tank.

Thanks for your comments.

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